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Our Platform: Meridian

Optimum Contact provide a complete solution that utilises the latest technologies and delivers an easy to use cohesive system that helps you truly understand how your organisation is performing.

We make powerful technology easy to use - making it simple to:

  • Capture feedback from all contacts including customers, staff and visitors
  • Collect and analyse results from quality and safety audits
  • Compare and contrast all sources of data, even data from your existing systems.

How it works

We collect and consolidate user feedback, audit and performance results from across your organisation to provide concise, relevant and actionable insight.

Collect feedback, audit and other data from any source 


View the results in real-time and create reports effortlessly.


Track trends and trigger actions to drive change.

We make it easy to automate compliance and industry-mandated checks

Nobody wants to spend hours putting together reports you’re mandated to provide in your industry, which is why Meridian makes it simple.

Meridian makes it quick to create and automate the reports you need - no matter whether they’re regular management reports or an ad-hoc report that highlights an area of performance change. It's flexible too so changes can be quickly implemented by you or our experienced support team.

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