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Optimum Contact is focused upon optimising the customer engagement process across all points of the business interface with customers. Using Meridian, our market leading technology platform, we offer multichannel data collection (e.g. web, telephone, offline devices) and reporting across all customer engagement and marketing communications activities.
All results are assessed for validity and consistency, with analysis and reports generated automatically to customer requirements. With over 100 sites in operation our solutions are enabling real time results and driving immediate actions so that our clients can make a difference.
Our mission is to deliver the highest quality and most cost effective measurement and assessment services to drive optimisation of the customer interface for commercial markets and healthcare providers.


How do our solutions make a difference and what do they deliver?

  • Relevant Actionable data 
  • Real-time reporting
  • Best practice data & Benchmarking over time and against competitors
  • Automatic linking of alerts to results, to drive and monitor actions

  • Improved customer service 
  • Increased sales 
  • Greater efficiency 
  • Improved compliance with regulations and standards

Real Time

All data collected is available as soon as it has been entered into the Optimum Meridian system. Similarly data will be processed for inclusion in pre-configured reports immediately, and predefined actions will be initiated simultaneously. This enables the customer engagement process to capitalise fully on data collected and created, and to generate real measurable performance improvement


Flexible Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting capability can be tailored to specific client requirements enabling relevant actionable reports to be generated immediately. Optimum Contact's deep experience of customer processes is brought to bear at the initial stage of a project, to maximise the impact at the client.


Immediate Actions

Building on our long experience in the sector, we work with the client at the beginning of the project to identify key processes that should be followed dependent upon outliers, exceptions or unacceptable results. Action Plans are developed to map the process and many actions can then be automated  using Meridian, enabling full automation of some processes from data collection through to action.

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