Our Approach

Every organisation wants its customers to feel good about its business, request more products and services and develop loyalty to the organisation.

We provide organisations with the information to make this more achievable by helping to optimise the engagement with customers at every contact point.

We work with clients to help put them in control of their customer facing contacts by providing real time information to improve and optimise effectiveness.

Improved understanding of customers and staff
Improved customer service
Increased sales
Enhanced operational efficiency
Cost savings
Improved compliance with regulations and standards
Benchmarking over time, both of internal units and against competitors

Latest Technologies and Methodologies

Optimum Contact uses its state-of-the-art electronic data capture and feedback system, Meridian, to manage the results of data collection in real time, enabling management to take rapid actions to leverage the data and analysis.

Optimum Contact has a pedigree born out of the development of effective customer contact programmes and sales processes.

Services are specifically tailored to deliver meaningful and actionable data that enables an organisation to optimise the contact it has with customers (and staff) with realisable “bottom line” benefits. 

Meridian can accept data from any channel (e.g. telephone, web, tablet). Once data is captured, the information is transmitted to the Meridian secure server where it is processed. 

Continuous Improvement

At the heart of what we do is to help you improve decision
making and drive actions to improve business performance.

We do this through a combination of key skills :

  • Provision of proven high quality services 
  • Automation of time consuming customer processes 
  • Generation of sophisticated, relevant information

Ultimately we work with you to create a ‘virtuous circle’ of improvement by collecting real-time customer feedback, using our systems to really understand what customers think, taking timely appropriate action and repeat; creating a truly customer-focused service.

Data Focused

We focus on the data that matters to your business:

  • Understanding your customers and staff
  • Understanding operational capability and effectiveness
  • Meeting regulatory requirements e.g. FSA 
  • Achieving standards and emerging requirements e.g. ISO, industry and EU

We deliver the data in a form that is useful to you e.g. by :

Product Group
Management Level
Business Process

We empower your organisation to enable better informed decisions and improved performance.