Questionnaire Review

In addition to our feedback and audit solutions we provide a full range of research consultancy services.

This has been created to help you get the most out of your survey program, professional question design can ensure that your investment in feedback is getting the maximum return possible.

Are you asking the right questions?

Our annual Questionnaire Review gives you an expert appraisal of the questions you are using to assure a professional standard that will stand scrutiny by any reviewer of data and reports, whether internal or external.

Professional research specialists will review the structure of each question, check that it will provide an accurate response from your patients and ensure that you receive data you can use with confidence when planning quality improvements.

The review will make sure that your surveys:

  • Use the right questions
  • Address existing core values and objectives
  • Use questions that focus on what really matters to patients
  • Are appropriate for monitoring trends, benchmarking and action planning
  • Use questions that are well constructed
survey design

The Service

The review will assess the questions being used in your key surveys against the following criteria and make recommendations for changes:

Strategic fit

We will map your questions against the core values and objectives set out in your Patient Experience Strategy. A strategic approach will help to secure support when using the results to drive improvement activities.

What matters to patients

We will map your questions to key themes of Patient Centred Care and then identify any gaps.

Insightful questions

We will assess your questions in terms of suitability for monitoring trends over time, benchmarking and providing data that enables you to develop linked actions and comprehensive improvement plans.

Question structure

A core element of the review will be to identify any issues with questions and to recommend changes.

We will consider question construction, relevance, comprehension, recall, appropriate response options and a number of other factors.