Safety and quality of care are a key priority of all healthcare organisations

A growing number of metrics are used in today’s healthcare environment to assess the safety and quality of care delivered to patients.

The collection and collation of this information places a significant burden upon nursing and management resources and impacts on 'time to care'. However the information is essential and if not acted upon leaves both patients and provider at risk



We address these challenges with a comprehensive and flexible audit suite which provides:

Cost saving

Significant cost savings through much reduced time requirements

Library of audit surveys

Question development and improvement by leveraging our proven library of audit surveys

Real time reporting

Real time visibility of care quality standards

Real time actions

Real time actions and alerts arising from information collected

Action planning

Action planning drawing on our experience of best practice in the sector

Audit trail of activity

Making audits simple, with everything in one place

Library of audits

The benefits of performing audits or quality metrics increase with the number of audits that are supported by the solution.

Optimum Health Technology has created an extensive library of best practice audits that are conducted within the UK healthcare community.

Audit planning tools

Each audit can be scheduled within the system providing central and ward level visibility of all required audit activity.

  • For example additional audits can be created where results dictate that increased measurement is required

The tools are available for use by the provider or this service can be provided by Optimum Health Technology

Audit creation and management

New audits can be created quickly and to best practice by OHT staff or Provider staff can use the extensive administration tools.

Audits can then be accessed by secure log-in from any designated device (e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile).

Reports are immediately available on the same devices, or any other secure access point.

Introduction of a new process or change to existing audits is a fast, straightforward and manageable process - this enables rapid development and evolution of audit programs and investigative projects.


Audit scheduling and monitoring

Audits can be scheduled in advance and if desired the whole audit program cycle can be automated.

The scheduling tool is simple to use and can be modified easily to address process results.

Meridian provides complete oversight of progress and the status of audits that should have been completed. The Clinical, Risk or Operational leads can see at a glance the current status of audit activity and any identified risks.