Care Homes


Optimum Health Technology provide a solution that is currently being used to provide the best possible residential, nursing and dementia care to over 16,000 residents.  

Our clients, the largest of whom has over 250 homes, capture feedback from residents, visitors and staff using SMS, email, paper and tablet devices. They are then able to transform this data into real time insight that drives clear and distinct actions for everyone in the business - from the board to frontline staff.

Patient Safety Awards Winner


UK CXA Award




Care Home

Meridian is an end to end solution for operational insight into care homes, delivering remedial actions promptly and driving real improvements at home level either as a full suite or broken down into individual modules including :

• Feedback

• Audit

• Inspection management

• Quality and Performance Improvement

The solution offers an integrated approach with measurable results, not least of which time saved in the home, enabling more time to care and a focus on improvements rather than compliance. Whether you choose to create more time or to reduce costs the system effectively pays for itself.

A program powered by Meridian, has recently won two prestigious awards:

2017 Information Technology to Improve Patient Safety Award

"The judges felt that this was truly transformational for the sector. The project was a clear winner, as they demonstrated a visible and measurable impact on patient safety improvement..."

Overall Best Customer Experience Winner 2016

"...their initiative is a great example of how a well-structured customer engagement campaign can lead to better customer loyalty, better Customer Experience overall and a better community."

Complete group oversight of:

  • Home issues
  • Concerns of residents, staff, family and visiting professionals
  • Remedial actions
  • Inspections by CQC, local authorities etc.

Insight for all staff at every level in the organisation:

  • Reports that are automatically tailored to needs of each role
  • Full drill down capability to identify the real issues
  • Automated alerts and action responses
  • Action plans that are monitored and reported to meet full compliance requirements

Complete control of regulatory processes:

  • Confidence that all regulatory processes are being managed and responded to on time and with quality responses
  • End to end control of inspection processes
  • Pre-packaged data, together with an evidence trail, to populate reports for regulatory authorities
  • Report contents tailored to the reporting requirements of regulatory authorities

Clients tell us that staff at every level, together with residents and visitors (including regulatory authorities) engage enthusiastically with the system - it's simple and easy to use, responsive and quick. 

Most of all it creates genuinely useful insight at all levels of the organisation that generate improvement ideas and remedial actions that can be put into practice rapidly.