Customer Experience Management


UK CXA Award


Optimum Business Intelligence brings the voice of customers, employees and other opinion formers into an integrated view of your performance.

Utilising the latest web based technology Meridian does not require any I.T. infrastructure investment by the client, but can leverage and enhance existing investments in systems and marketing programs, integrating disparate customer data into a holistic program.




Our real time platform gives you complete control of data

Customers, influencers and staff
All Channels
Automated Actions

True Insight into Customer behaviour

Our dedicated feedback module provides relevant, actionable, real-time feedback from customers, staff, influencers and other data sources. The solution provides rich data on customer views, then applies analytics to generate tailored reports for your review:

  • Market Sentiment: What do existing customers feel about a product in our target customer profiles, demographics, geographies?
  • Product Evaluation: Will existing customers buy the next product release, what do they like/not like?

In addition we provide automated reports identifying the drivers behind customer views and decisions:

  • Customer behavior: Why was a customer dissatisfied and why did they leave?
  • Product Development: How can an existing service be improved?
Analysis and Insight

Data Capture

Meridian offers total flexibility including multiple data collection channels :

  • Telephone

  • SMS

  • Paper surveys, with bulk data entry by Optimum Contact staff, the client or an external agency.

  • Face to face interviews and output from focus groups and mystery shopping

  • Email with data uploaded from a template.

  • Web via secure link

Any electronic device used to collect data will input it into Meridian automatically or it can be manually entered (for example scanning paper forms) either by the client or by Optimum Contact 

Creating Questionnaires

Questionnaires can quickly be built to the business's own specification and in particular can be designed to facilitate reporting at every required level in the organisation and by theme or 'filter' to aggregate common issues.

As an experienced provider we also have a range of ‘best practice’ questionnaires that can be tailored to fit your exact requirement, including the format by which they are delivered.

Presentation of Results

At the heart of Meridian is the broad range of reports developed from our experience of working with a wide variety of clients. There are some exceptional features including:

  • Real time access of results
  • Reports specifically designed to meet your requirements
  • Dashboard summary of key data
  • Time based analysis


In addition to reporting Meridian has the power to drill down into capability to investigate data and isolate areas for further review, including comments left, integrity checking and alerts.

The system can also cross check your feedback with data from other sources such as staffing levels, providing you with an accurate and relevant view of what's really driving your organisational performance.


Meridian quickly provides actions to key staff that will help them deal with any issues and support decisions to form long-term plans. Some of the actions that can be generated include:

  • A direct email to the customer
  • Scheduling for further contact by email, telephone or post
  • Direction of specific feedback data to relevant staff
  • Registering of data, e.g. complaints

The key advantage of Meridian is that, after initial consultation and configuration, any actions arising from feedback can be initiated immediately and on a fully automated basis.