Data Capture


Smart data capture drives speed, accuracy and cost reduction, we utilise the latest technology, putting new users at the forefront of health care practices.


  All the modules in Optimum’s suite are delivered from a centrally hosted secure facility enabling Optimum to offer continuous development of the solution without any intrusion into provider I.T. facilities or processes.  

Multiple devices

Optimum Health Technology have developed a complete real-time platform to support all forms of data capture including feedback, clinical events, care quality assessment, non-clinical audit and more, whether CQUIN driven or otherwise.

Our solution collects and integrates data from multiple sources including hand-held tablets and mobile devices, PCs, kiosks and any form of appropriate web enabled device. When a survey is built within the software suite it is available over all selected channels. Surveys may also be presented in multiple languages and formats to support the goal of maximum reach and inclusion.

The benefit of speed

The overriding benefits are speed, accuracy and much reduced cost, together with the liberation of skilled clinical staff from lengthy data collection and reporting activities.

The availability of multiple engagement channels enables providers to adopt a blended channel engagement strategy that meets the different requirements of all stakeholders including patients, clinical staff, management and funder.

Medical Team


Staff can enter into Meridian the email address of any patient that prefers to complete feedback online.  An email will be sent inviting the patient to click on a web link that takes them to a page where the survey is completed. Email addresses can be captured individually as described or uploaded in a batch format.


Links can be made available on the organisation's website for patients to complete their feedback online.


For those patients who prefer to provide feedback on paper, Meridian enables the organisation to print copies of the survey locally. It is possible for the results to be entered into Meridian through a portal. This can be done by the organisation or (if required) by OHT. 


Using the relationship with your existing supplier, you can conduct surveys via SMS or send a survey link that takes the patient to a survey designed to be completed on a mobile phone.

iPad Kiosk

This is a mounted iPad on a stand placed in a suitable location. The iPad will be connected over either WiFi or a 3G network enabling real time data capture and providing patients with a quick and easy way to leave their feedback.