Friends and Family Test






Patient Experience Management is a challenge at the heart of successful healthcare, its no longer enough to simply listen to your feedback, with our help you can find a way to use it to most benefit your organisation.

Our solution for the NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) manages the process from end to end, including the final reports. Patients have a variety of options to leave feedback and the data can be used to effect real change.

Maximise response rates

Multiple collection methods optimise response rates and cost

Save valuable time

Our solution minimises staff time and resources, reducing cost and leaving more time to care

Immediate results

Real time reporting enables immediate updating of reports 

Develop Insight

Go beyond FFT compliance to understanding what is driving patient recommendation


All data is confidential and owned by your organisation


Full support provided by OHT, including changes

Full support for staff

Our FFT solution has been designed to minimise the impact on staff time and resources:

  • All initial design, implementation and training is provided by OHT.

  • Communictations media, like posters, can be provided to encourage local participation and improve response rates.

  • Once data is collected there is no further input, collation or analysis required by staff - all analysis and reporting is generated automatically within Meridian in real time.
laptop analysis

How can patients leave feedback?

OHT brings together data captured across a wide array of channels. 



Reception staff can record the email address of any patient that prefers to complete feedback online, or email addresses can be gathered from existing records.

The address is simply entered into Meridian using secure access and the patient will be sent an email inviting them to complete the survey.


Meridian can display real-time results on the organisation's own website.

Links can be made available on the same website for patients to simply click through to complete their feedback; the responses are available immediately on Meridian and, of course, on the organisation's website.


For those patients who prefer to provide feedback on paper OHT can provide printed surveys or paper copies of surveys can be printed locally.

Survey responses can then be scanned into Meridian or manually input into Meridian through an online portal, either onsite or if preferred, by OHT.


Meridian offers a flexible range of SMS options designed to balance cost, immediacy, and response rates.

Options include different combinations of SMS, weblink and IVR all of which are designed to minimise cost per response and avoid staff time and cost.

OHT is also flexible in delivery and if preferred can integrate with existing communications providers.

iPad kiosk

This is a mounted iPad on a stand that is placed in an appropriate place to encourage patient participation. The iPad will be connected over either WiFi or the 3g network enabling real time capture of feedback. This provides a simple to use option for patients to complete their feedback and ensures that the time to complete is very short.