Optimum Health Technology

Providing crucial insight into Quality of Care and delivering rapid Improvements.

We have a proven track record of delivering to the exacting standards of a wide range of Healthcare Organisations.

Leading Providers trust in our solution because we help our clients to:

                                                                               • Collect patient data easily using the most effective channels

                                                                               • Automate analysis of data in real time

                                                                               • Automate reporting processes and compliance

                                                                               • Automate actions for staff

                                                                               • Improve operational performance

Take a closer look at Meridian

Patient Experience Management is a challenge at the heart of successful healthcare, it's no longer enough to simply listen to your feedback, with our help patient engagement can be used to efficiently increase your quality of care.

Optimum Health Technology provides a solution, Meridian, that automates and digitises manual processes for data capture, reporting and associated actions. We convert data into relevant information, tailored to users at all levels across an organisation; from frontline staff to the board, across multiple locations, units and specialties


Relevant Reporting

Meridian Reporting is built to reflect your management hierarchy. Each User is given a clear picture of what they need to see in order to get the most out of the system.

Meridian is vital to our organisation in a number of ways. Without it we would not have the ability to know how patients and people who have accessed our services are feeling. We are in safe hands with Meridian managing our feedback mechanisms.

Kate Whitaker

Head of Patient and Public Involvement

Nottingham City Care Partnership