Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping provides a structured assessment of what actually happens during a sales or service process from a customer perspective, enabling evaluation against best practice standards.

The quantitative and qualitative feedback can also be assessed against direct customer feedback providing deeper insights.

Optimum Contact offers traditional mystery shopping services together with automation of data collection, analysis and reporting including triangulation with other customer views and data.

Quality Shopper Base
Scheduled and Transparent
Relevant Real-Time Reporting
Direction and Insight from Your Data

The approach taken by Optimum Contact to mystery shopping programs is very different to many others in terms of content and delivery. We believe that the results of our shopping activities should provide meaningful and actionable outputs that can have a significant effect on the performance of an organisation. 

When channels are shopped on a regular basis, the outputs can drive change in key areas such as:

  • Sales Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Training and Development

High Quality Assessors

All assessors are trained and accept assignments and provide reports through electronic channels.

There is a 100% review process for all assessments undertaken by an experienced review team. All assessors receive a pre-assessment brief and post-assessment feedback from the review team. A nationwide team of assessors is available.

Assessment of All Channels

Assessments can be made within any locations including branches, stores, contact centres and on line sites.

Questionnaires are built by Optimum Contact to reflect best practice and form part of the assessor brief.

Video and Audio Options

Where required either video or audio support can be delivered to support the mystery shopping assessment.

These outputs are linked to your results and are an extremely powerful complement to our standard reporting.

Role-based Reporting

Any number of users may access the results with views configured as role-based to ensure that individuals see all, but only, information that relates to their own area of responsibility.