National Audits

National audits are completed in all hospitals to standards defined by external regulation, for example to NICE guidance or the National Cleaning Audit. They are important tools that identify and rectify problems relating to practice standards.

We provide a real-time solution for multiple audits, developed in conjunction with the NHS, that supports compliance and provides considerable time-saving by streamlining data-collection and automating the analysis and reporting procedure.

Data Capture and Scheduling

Meridian is the key to how conducting an audit can not just ensure you are compliant with regulations but can be a driver to improving your quality of care.

The system is totally flexible, audits can be conducted on any area of the hospital at any time using tablet devices or on paper with scheduling tools to help you plan when audits should be completed and to monitor progress.

If audits are not being completed to schedule, alerts are sent automatically to relevant staff.

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Reporting and Insight

The results from all audit activity are pulled into one dashboard, built to match the profile of who has logged on, ensuring clear results that are relevant to the viewer. Automated reporting against national standards allows progress to be monitored at every stage, with a full history being recorded including remedial actions and re-checks.

The combination of audit and feedback results can be made available to managers responsible for both areas, providing an insight into real world outcomes in all areas.

Meridian is also able to integrate data from other solutions to further triangulate your results