Workplace Observation

Meridian provides insight into how work processes are conducted, helping to ensure that these processes are being effectively delivered, our solution also allows the staff delivering them to have input into how they can be most effective. Meridian can deliver significant benefits across the business, ensuring: 

Customer facing staff and processes are continually improving

Sales and service processes are being delivered as designed

Compliance with ever evolving regulations

Gathering of Data 

Data is collected electronically, making data capture easy, with results viewable by management in real-time. This gives organisations not only the opportunity to secure real tactical awareness, but also provides robust and effective staff development. 

Each user has access to a custom Desktop with relevant data being analysed and displayed according to hierarchical structure from staff on the ground to board level.

Scheduling capability includes automatic e-mail alerts to inform managers of assessments that are due or have been completed.

Workplace Observation

Reporting of Results 

Meridian is able to analyse and report the data in a totally flexible form, tailored easily to the organisation.

The system automatically provides effectiveness ratings and competency assessments relevant to business practices and processes within any customer facing part of the organisation.

The focus is on providing real, tangible and actionable results to optimise performance across the business.