Insights Report

Our Insights Report provides a comprehensive annual review of all Patient Experience feedback and provides clear recommendations that establish a focus for improvement activities

If your ambition relates to internal or external objectives we can provide you with a clear roadmap as to how your feedback can lead to improving Patient Experience

Insight Report Feature

What is your feedback telling you?

We draw upon a wide range of professional design, data management and research capability to advise on Patient Experience programs to over 80 NHS organisations. Our annual Insights Report provides a comprehensive overview of the patient experience across the services you provide.

Our analysis will identify the overarching trends across your whole survey program, highlight organisation-wide issues and areas of excellence. We will show how you are performing against what matters to your patients and set out a clear plan for moving beyond measurement - into making real improvements for patients

Survey Analysis

An expert analysis, interpretation and benchmarking of your patient feedback results to identify the key issues emerging from each survey.

Triangulation of survey results

A cross-survey analysis of the survey specific issues, to identify the common themes. Triangulation of results provides you with the information to take a joined-up approach to improving the patient experience, avoid conclusions based on isolated data and evidence the support for Trust actions.

Strategic Context

The review will consider your survey results in relation to objectives set by both the Trust and NHS England on patient experience.


The report sets out the key themes to focus on, the questions to ask and ways of improving the survey programme.