Feedback may start with a simple questionnaire but it is really about Quality and Improvement.

This is the focus of Optimum Health Technology, the leading provider of electronic Healthcare Feedback solutions in the UK.


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Who uses Feedback?

Everyone is interested in Feedback – it is a window into the patient view and of the quality and care provided.  

Our easy to use solution enables different groups to secure different perspectives by collating, analysing and reporting the feedback data by procedure, ward, staff level and more - all reports are specifically tailored to the role of the individual.

Our powerful systems are continuously generating or updating a fully automated suite of analytics, reports and actions to drive change.

Feedback data can be gathered using any method including paper, tablets, PCs or kiosks.

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What makes our solution so successful in the NHS?

At the heart of our Feedback solution is the broad range of processes and reports developed from our experience with over 50 NHS Providers.

Apart from getting the basics right, there are some exceptional features including:

  • Real time access of results

  • Automated compliance reports

  • A suite of best practice Healthcare reports

  • Dashboard summary of key data

  • Action management

  • Time based analysis

  • Drill down capability to investigate, classify and respond to data and comments 

  • Data integration - cross checking and integrating data from other Provider sources e.g. PROMs, Audits, HR

How is the information used to drive actions?

Optimum Health Technology’s mission is to deliver relevant healthcare information to the right people, immediately.

Management and staff will ultimately decide upon the appropriate healthcare actions but Optimum Health Technology can assist providers in the definition and execution of appropriate responses to patient feedback and automate many of those alerts and actions.

Some of the key features of our automated actions include:

Immediate notification

Direct notice by email, SMS or reports to patients, staff or visitors


Scheduling for further contact by email, SMS, post etc


Direction of specific feedback data to nominated provider staff (e.g. consultant)


Automatic registering of data in other systems e.g. complaints

Acting upon data

Automatic alerts and actions to clinical, operational and other teams

The advantage of our solution is that after the initial consultation and planning of how actions should be configured, actions arising from patient feedback can be initiated immediately on a fully automated basis, whether feedback is complimentary, offering suggestions, or simply a complaint.