The NHS Outcomes Framework, alongside the Adult Social Care and Public Health Outcomes Frameworks, sits at the heart of the healthcare system.


  With the shift in NHS focus towards the development of excellent outcomes Optimum Health Technology has developed a solution, Meridian Outcomes, that meets all types of survey and reporting requirements.  

We Make the Transition Simple

With experience of working with over 100 Healthcare providers Optimum Health Technology can advise you on planning and executing your transition from paper to electronic processes with minimal disruption to clinical care. We also show you how to maximise the benefits you receive from your data, ensuring a highly cost effective solution.

From PROMs to pure research

Meridian Outcomes benefits from deep experience of proven PROMs solutions and offers a complete, scalable solution to manage the volume and diversity of outcomes data throughout the NHS.

Meridian accommodates all types of outcomes questionnaires, scoring and calculations, both those that measure generic health status (EQ5D, SF36 etc) and condition specific tools.

All components of the solution have been developed to meet the requirements of commissioning bodies, regulators and the latest practices developed by leading NHS organisations.

Reaching out through all channels

The solution can be implemented either as a fully digital program or on a multi-channel basis comprising a combination of paper, tablet, SMS, laptop etc.


Our consultants can advise on the optimum mix to meet your data, response rate and budget requirements.

From Measurement to Actions

A key feature of Meridian is the option to move beyond measurement.  A real time action planning process with automated messages (email, SMS etc) being sent to relevant staff as soon as benchmarks are breached or results move off-trend. An automated management system monitors and directs actions and contingent processes.

Meridian Outcome reports present the survey data in a set of instant best practice charts and tables showing the essential information, whilst also providing the opportunity to tailor reports and analyse the data in depth. 


Staff Time Preserved

No collation or management of questionnaires and data is required.

Costs Reduced

The replacement of paper questionnaires, including storage and courier costs, with a streamlined electronic process.

Effectiveness Improved

Ensuring the delivery of the appropriate questionnaire, at the right time, to the right patient.

Quality Improved

Automated validation of response data.

Timeliness Improved

Real time delivery of data; no batching of questionnaires on the ward.

Increased Relevance

Automatic analysis, scoring and reporting in real time to formats determined by the provider to ensure that data is instantly available in a relevant form.