CXA Award WInner



Performance Improvement


Deep Insight and complete Oversight  empowering immediate actions and continuous improvement

Meridian allows tracking and trend analysis to provide context for results and to monitor the result of actions taken. Our Clients' programs evolve over time to reflect changed initiatives and improvements that are delivered within the organisation.



Turning Insight into Action with measurable results

The quality and consistency of sales and service processes are vital to the long term success of any organisation.

Connecting customer experience management to operations is demanding as a project, but what if you could establish a continuous link and automate actions to drive continuous improvement ?

Optimum Contact meets this challenge providing an end to end platform that takes customer experience insight and integrates it with customer processes and existing systems and data.

The result : new customer insights are automatically generated, actions initiated and progress monitored, with results measurable in time saved, costs reduced and additional revenue generated. Too good to be true? Ask to see one of our Customer Case Studies and how one of our clients generated measurable results on all fronts to achieve Overall Winner at the 2016 Customer Experience Awards.


PI Review

Make technology work for you

Our intelligent software does the hard work for you, giving you deep insight and complete oversight, with automatic integration not only of data captured directly, but also data from existing systems.

Problems are pinpointed quickly and actions can be automatically triggered for the appropriate individuals or team to handle.

Meridian can be deployed to support a focused requirement or as an enterprise-wide solution. Either way, over time Meridian builds a complete picture, so you can monitor performance trends in every area of your organisation or focus area.