Quality and Risk checks and audits


Audit assessments and checks provide you with a clear picture of your performance.  

Traditional solutions allow audits to be conducted by on-the-ground staff and passed on to management for review. Meridian enables faster data collection methods and automates the data aggregation, analysis and reporting, saving time at all levels and giving management a clear view, in real-time, of all audit activity, results and need for change.

In addition Meridian Audit adds a layer of insight and action to auditing.

All data can be viewed by anyone, anytime (according to roles) with relevant reports that will provide a clear view of performance and automatically generate actions for staff to improve standards.

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Our platform provides tangible benefits

Time Saved
Tailored Compliance Reports
Automated Actions
Risk Reduced
Business Audit

Meridian elevates Auditing beyond an Inspection

  • Quality and Issues:  Real time reporting offers immediate visibility of all issues and the opportunity to automate real time alerts, actions and monitoring of outstanding issues on a thematic or individual basis.
  • Time Saving:  The system automates analysis, reporting and compliance resulting in a significant reduction of time at all levels.
  • Governance and Compliance: An overview of all aspects of quality processes, coupled with the facility for immediate insight through drill down and forensics.
  • Performance and Outcomes :  The system facilitates behavioural shift from identification of issues to resolution and improvement.
  • Managing Regulatory Bodies : The evidence base, audit trail and forensic tools offer real proof to support and give confidence to regulators.
  • Supporting Change : Rapid adjustment to new/lost services, staff changes and new initiatives.
  • Data Triangulation and Holistic view : Integration with other data e.g. customer feedback, staff feedback, operational data.

Complete Data Management

Meridian is an end-to-end data management solution, including audit design, data scheduling and capture, response processing, reporting, analysis and follow up actions.

Full Product Suite

Our complementary modules are hosted on secure servers and can function as an independent suite. They can also be linked to other systems to triangulate data.

Leading Technologies

Our platform is mostly Microsoft based using advanced but proven .net based web solutions. Meridian is a complete end-to-end technology solution delivering real performance improvement at low cost and with minimum implementation requirements.

A Proven Solution

Proven in over 100 organisations with large numbers of customer or user interactions in both the commercial and private sector, where over 80 organisations have placed their trust in our solution, confirming Optimum Contact as the leading partner in this field.