NHS Safety Thermometer

Developed by the NHS to analyse potential harm at point of care, the NHS Safety Thermometer is a useful tool for assessing patient safety, particularly when it is used alongside other measures to build a clear picture of how well care is being delivered.

Meridian automates the fulfilling of NHS Safety Thermometer requirements, saving significant staff time. Beyond the basic requirements the solution also delivers real-time reports, alerts and actions to key staff so they can make improvements at the earliest opportunity.



safety thermometer

Monitoring Improvement

Existing systems may offer a view of patient safety at the point of care, but unless staff know how they can act on this information it is of limited real-world use.

Meridian supplements the basic PST solution with automated alerts triggered by feedback that is outside of a threshold determined by you. These can be sent to relevant staff to initiate action or develop action plans. With the power of the Meridian system your NHS Safety Thermometer activity becomes not just an NHS initiative but an instrument to effect rapid and easy organisational improvement.