Staff Engagement

Optimum Contact provides our clients with the ability to get information directly and immediately from front line staff, evaluate it and take immediate action.

As business objectives and circumstances change the solution evolves to support new initiatives and ensure that improvements are made across the organisation.

Staff are your biggest asset - use their insight to drive immediate improvements


Check the context for customer feedback - are staff views the same?

How is a new product being received by customers? 

What is the level of enquiry today? 

Which competitor products are up and coming?

Transforming your HR solution from a record system to a valuable decision tool

Meridian Workforce leverages core HR systems to deliver real-time insight into your working environment and automatically pushes actionable data to the right people at the right time so they can effect real change.

It does not require the replacement of any existing systems, instead it takes them to a new level,  informing and supporting decisions that will drive a process of continuous improvement.

With Meridian Workforce you will be able to measure the experience of your staff across multiple touch points of their employment lifecycle.

Creating Questionnaires

Creating a new questionnaire is quick and easy.

Questionnaires can be built to the business's own specification; in particular they can be designed to facilitate reporting at every required level in the organisation and by theme or 'filter' to aggregate common issues. 

As an experienced provider we also have a range of ‘best practice’ questionnaires that could be used to start the process, including a variety of formats.

Gathering Responses

Customer responses can be gathered either by the client or by trained Optimum Contact staff as part of our full managed service. We offer a full range of collection channels including: 

  • Telephone
  • Paper forms
  • Face to face interviews
  • Email with data uploaded from a template
  • Mobile tablet devices
  • Online

Presentation of Results

As soon as any staff feedback is entered onto the system the results are available on the client’s dashboard, refreshed in true real-time with all associated reports immediately updated. Data can be analysed across any identifiable grouping such as location, calendar periods, product, service, channel etc.

Meridian delivers results in real-time to Management providing outputs that are highly actionable. The solution includes a full suite of tools and reports with the following features: 

  • Multi level access and reporting - all users only view data relevant to them. This enables focused, relevant reporting with management being quickly and easily directed to take fast and effective action.
  • Powerful drill down facilities - any view is available immediately from CEO summary down to individual question.
  • Email alerts to management after defined activity/inactivity e.g. complaints, poor scores, compliance breach.
  • Graphical, tabular and written formats are available for a given data-set.
  • Printed report or data extract/export are available.
  • Trend analysis.

Moving Beyond Data

Optimum Contact offers total flexibility: our Staff Feedback solution can be deployed in the form of regular repeatable surveys or, on a more tactical basis, to gather real time information on a specific event or project and use it to ensure success.

Meridian enables you to create a ‘virtuous circle’ of collecting real-time staff feedback, understanding what staff really think, taking timely appropriate actions and supporting continuous improvement in staff performance and customer service.