Ward Accreditation

Optimum Health Technology has extensive experience in developing new or existing Ward Accreditation programs, engaging staff and empowering leadership to improve quality standards on hospital wards.

Our solution enables continuous improvement against a set of defined measures, ensuring the recognition and reward of best practice.

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Wards using our solution progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold standards as they achieve their designated targets for consistent improvements over a defined period.

Best practice questionnaires can be selected from our library or created to specification.

All activity is subject to both peer and management review, creating a framework that recognises consistency of delivery and continuous performance improvement.

Results are available immediately in tailored reports and will help drive rapid improvement on each ward.

Why we work with over 100 Healthcare organisations

We have developed a comprehensive but flexible solution which benefits from ongoing input from the NHS, private care providers and care home providers.

Each implementation is tailored to your organisation ensuring that users can utilise all relevant information in easy to understand reports which have been designed around their roles.

Compliance is then largely automated with considerable time savings and improvements in quality.

Speed, flexibility and rapid matching to your requirements are provided by our powerful software platform, which is provided as a hosted solution accessed over secure internet.

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Accreditation Framework

The accreditation framework is designed around a number of standards, each of which is sub-divided into three elements:

Definition of metrics

Meridian offers complete flexibility to develop a Ward Accreditation process, either using our best practice library or simply implementing your current program.

We also have expertise in questionnaire design and validation, so we can work with you to create an appropriate range of measures covering Environment, Care and Leadership.


Scheduling of activity

Scheduling of key activities associated with Ward Accreditation can be automated within Meridian.

Activity can be scheduled using a pre-configured library of email addresses enabling emails to be sent automatically with clear instructions on required processes and measures.

Data capture

Data capture can be achieved over multiple channels (paper, SMS, existing workstations, mobile devices) but there is a significant advantage, in terms of time savings and immediacy of data, in the use of mobile devices.

Connectivity can be either Wi-Fi or 3G enabling data captured to be immediately available within the Meridian reporting desktop. An off-line mode is also available for mobile devices and will save data securely when a connection is not available, then automatically upload when a connection becomes available again.

Visibility of status

Complete oversight of the Accreditation program is provided within Meridian.

The status of all data collection activity can be seen real time, by all designated users. 

Areas of failure, or impending failure are automatically highlighted through standard reports and alerts.

Escalation parameters can be set to ensure that automatic escalation occurs to designated managers if an area falls behind the prescribed schedule, or fails to achieve prescribed standards.

This helps to ensure engagement and compliance with the measurement schedule and agreed quality standards. 

Real-time reporting

The Meridian automated system enables all data captured to be validated, analysed and included in report results immediately.

Reporting views are role based and can be configured for the individual; this enables staff to see reports that are relevant to their role and makes the information simple to understand and action.

Reporting views are also tailored to each organisation to offer bespoke views at each level e.g. Executive, Departmental, Speciality, Group (e.g. wards/clinics) and individual Ward/Clinic.

A wide variety of best practice reports are available from dashboard views and trend analysis to the ability to drill down into specific questionnaires. Additional views are also readily available e.g. a popular view is provided through automated reports showing results in CQC categories and format.

Performance can be analysed at any level using benchmarks, league tables, correlation and other measurement techniques, all of which are automatically available in real time. This helps drive up performance at every level of the organisation and across all specialties and locations.

Actions and Alerts

Real-time actions and alerts can be fully automated in Meridian.

For example an action can be set against an individual question with an email alert being sent due to a positive or negative response being recorded. Equally an alert may be created due to a defined number of wards falling below a specified threshold.

Once an action has been created it remains visible within the Meridian reporting desktop. Actions may be escalated subject to agreed timescales.

A complete action planning environment enables information on progress and closure to be appended whilst maintaining a complete audit history of how actions have been addressed.

Peer and Management review

Ward Accreditation typically creates a Gold/Silver/Bronze or Red/Amber/Green style rating.

Accreditation levels are generated through scoring associated with the various measures that form the program. Meridian fully supports the varied NHS scoring methods and will generate real time reports showing the status of each ward.

Peer and/or management review is enabled through screens in the Meridian desktop that enable subjective assessment of the performance of each ward. Mitigating circumstances can be noted and actions set as a result of ward performance. This may involve specific action plans or additional audit schedules as appropriate to the ward performance.