Meridian Workforce

Meridian captures staff insight to add value and a new dimension to core HR systems.

As with any organisation, recruitment, training, motivation and retention of staff is critical to the efficiency and productivity of the services delivered and there are traditional HR systems to help with this. However given the significance of staff costs in the NHS, additional insight can bring big rewards in terms of cost and productivity.

Meridian Workforce provides a platform that delivers this insight, improves performance and drive actions to deliver increased time to care and cost efficiency.

Our platform: Meridian

The objective of Meridian Workforce is to provide enhanced understanding of the key drivers of cost and productivity and their effectiveness on the ground including:

  • Loyalty and advocacy
  • Recruitment, induction and training
  • Departures
  • Absenteeism
  • Barriers to return to full time work
  • Satisfaction and motivation
  • Issues and concerns
  • Health and safety
NHS Workforce


The revalidation process requires demonstration of practice in order to renew registration with the NMC. Meridian Workforce provides a platform that delivers this evidence. The requirement of 5 pieces of feedback from the 3 year period between renewals is something that Meridian provides using an unmatched level of detail.  

Whether you use performance measures gathered using Meridian or import data from another system our reporting suite can provide a comprehensive view of performance.

Voice of the Employee

Introducing the Voice of the Employee in a systematic way, alongside the Voice of the Patient and Visitors enables rapid identification and resolution of staff issues, improving staff motivation, retention and productivity.

Multiple Data Collection Channels

Including online, email, SMS, paper and telephone.

All information is held in the same database and for all data the channel can be identified. This can drive significant cost out of the data capture process and create a real time view of results.


Meridian Workforce enables feedback activity to be scheduled.

Managers may be sent an email informing them of the timing and level of required responses from their employee group. This can be tracked and monitored with reminders being sent where progress is behind schedule.

Real-time Alerting

Alerts are configured to be sent to relevant individuals where feedback requires an intervention to be made.

Addressing and resolving such issues will drive staff motivation and productivity.

Sophisticated Health Reporting

Many different questionnaires can be run as required (at no extra cost) and the data is all held within one relational database.

This provides the opportunity to run complex but automated analysis and to start to understand the relationship between the various measures.


Data capture can be conducted on both an identifiable and an anonymised basis allowing flexibility dependent upon the feedback required.